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We are the dealership that you can trust for selection, quality, and value. We know that your vehicle is one of your biggest investments and an investment that requires attentive care and protection. Cardenas Superstore feels strongly about assisting you with the care of your investment by providing a 2 years, 25,000 mile complimentary maintenance package on the vehicles we sell. (Some models excluded). We also provide service loaners to assist in the convenience of your service visit (appointment required). Most recent year engineering innovations in automotive motor design and assembly allow us to enjoy engines that easily surpass 2,3, and 400,000 miles. It is common to see vehicles pass through several generations of family members today. Following a routine schedule for common maintenance components will ensure that your vehicle reaches these high mileage acheivements. With each visit to our service department, you can expect a comprehensive vehicle inspection of all vehicle components, a recommendation of services both needed currently and projected necessary for the next future visit and a comprehensive quote for your budgeting. This allows you to prepare for anticipated vehicle ownership expenses. There are times when unexpected repairs are needed outside our your current budget allowance. Cardenas Superstore and its relationship with Platinum One LLC may be able to provide the means to assit in this situation.


Common Component Maintenance Items that Ensure Longevity

The first critical maintenance component is to change your engine's oil and filter regularly. If you use conventional oil, it is recommended that you change your oil every 3,000 miles or twice a year for low mileage use. If you want to go further between oil changes, you can use fully synthetic and go up to 8,000 miles or one annual oil change for low mileage usage. Synthetic oil is excellent but costs 3 to 4 times more than conventional oil. As a compromise between the two, there is a synthetic blend that will allow 5,000 miles between oil change intervals. Remember, the bottom line is that engines are expensive but oil is cheap. Many new model vehicle engines are now designed with Variable Valve Timming (VVT). If you let the oil get dirty and clog up the VVT Cams it could cost you thousands of dollars. Below is a cost for oil services at Cardenas Superstore. Costs include up to 6 quarts of oil. Additional quarts are extra. Add a tire rotation service for just $10.00 in conjunction with any oil service packakge.


Conventional Oil Service: $29.95

Synthetic Blend Oil Service: $39.95

Fully Synthetic Oil Service: $59.95


The next critical component would be the Automatic Transmission. It is important to keep the transmission fluid clean and to keep the filter clean from built up or trapped debris that would restrict and reduce correct fluid pressure levels which effect smooth shifting points. Additionally, debris can cause unnecessary wear of transmission clutch plates resulting in slipping or jerking in the transmission. On older model vehicles, it is recommended that the transmission be serviced every 30,000 miles or 3 years for low mileage usage. Newer model vehicles have a lifetime fully synthetic transmission fluid that require a transmission service only in extreme conditions (example would be extremly dusty geographical environments).


Transmission Service with Transmission Filter Replacement: $365.95

Transmission Service (non-filter models) $265.95


A vital component for engine longivity is the engine's cooling system and coolant fluid. A poorly maintained cooling system can cause severe damage. You don't want dirty coolant fluid in the cooling system. It can cause the cooling fins in the radiator to become clogged or restrict water flow in the water pump resulting in overheating of the engine which could result in total engine lock up. It could also cause electrical sensors to the main operating computer to shortout. It is recommended that the coolant fluid be changed every 30,000 miles or 3 years in low mileage vehicle usage.


Cooling System Service: $139.95 


The vehicle battery is the next critical component. The vehicles of today are complete communication wonders. The vehicles are equipped with a series of computers and sensors that continuously optimize the efficiency, operation and safety of the vehicle. There are computers and sensors that actually sleep and wake up and check the vehicle throughout the day and night regardless of the vehicle's operation. This is why it is critical to maintain the required battery voltage. It is recommended that a battery service be performed every 15,000 miles. This service includes a visual inspection for corrsion of the battery terminals, removal of corrosion if necessay, application of an anti-corrosive to the terminals and a test of the battery voltage and cranking amps recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.


Battery Service: $29.95


To keep peak performance in fuel efficiency and acceleration, the engine air filter should be inspected and replaced as necessary. Vehicle manufacturers disagree on the recommended period for replacement. Some say every 45,000 miles while others say every 30,000 miles. One thing they do agree is that in extreme dusty conditions, such as ours, that it be replaced every 15,000 miles. A good rule of thumb would be between 15,000 and 30,000 miles or when a loss of fuel efficiency or acceleration is noticed. Prices vary depending on make and model. Discuss with our service advisor to get an exact quote for your particular vehicle.


Tires do impact fuel efficiency but are critical for safety. Not properly maintaining your tires could not only put you and your family at risk but could have significant cost ramifications considering the average quality tire can range between $130-$150 each for non-runflat tires. Runflat tires can range between $275-$350 each. It is recommended that the tires be rotated every 5,000 miles to ensure even wear. They should also be inspected for treadwear, uneven wear that indicate suspension problems, and correct air pressure. Treadwear measurements are generally measured in millimeters and reported by green, yellow and red replacement standards. Cardenas Superstore provides these measurements with each service visit. Your service advisor will explain the measurmements and make necessary recommendations.


10-8 millimeters=Green

  7-4 millimeters=Yellow

 3-1 millimeters=Red (Unsafe-Replace)


Tire Rotation Service: $21.95


No vehicle inspection would be complete without a complete inspection of the vehicle's braking system. This includes the brake fluid level and visual inspection of the brake pads and rotors for damage or warpage, the wear measurements of the brake pads, and a road test operation for pulsation or pulling during braking. Like tires, brake wear is measured in millimeters and also reported by green, yellow, and red replacement standards. A brake service includes the replacement of brake pads and resurfacing of rotors. It also includes topping off brake fluid and bleeding the fluid system from excessive air.


7-5 millimeters=Green

3-5 millimeters=Yellow

Less than 3 millimeters=Red (Unsafe-Replace)


Brake Service: $199.95 per axle


Cardenas Superstore is a Full Service Dealership. We Perform Maintenance and Complete Repair


Whether you need a simple oil change service, air conditioning system replacement or engine replacement, Cardenas Superstore is prepared to handle your service request. Our Shop Foreman is a Master Technician with over 35 years of mechanical experience and certifications in engine, electrical, HVAC, brakes, and drive train. We accept cash, credit cards and work with most extended warranty companies.


We are Your Full Service Body Shop


Being an affiliate of Cardenas Autogroup allows us to offer services other dealerships cannot. We offer a full service body shop to repair anything from minor dents to major damage. We have On-site frame equipment and an intergrated computerized laser guided measuring system. We have factory trained body technicians and painters. We use original equipment parts. We provide complimentary repair estimates (appointments set for your convenience). We work with all major insurance carriers. As an important disclosure, it's your choice to choose your repair facility-not the insurance company. The Body Shop Office is located at Cardenas Motors in Brownsville. Call 956-542-3541 to set an estimate appointment. For emergency service (Tow Service) call 956-592-0952 (Brownsville) or 956-571-7432 (Harlingen).


State Certified Tow Service


Cardenas Autgroup also has emergency towing service that covers the Rio Grande Valley area. We have state certified tow operators with over 20 years experience in tow operations. This is important to ensure no damage during the recovery of your vehicle. We include complimentary Roadside Assistance (24/7) with each vehicle purchased at a Cardenas Dealer. We also have a generous rate for those vehicles not covered by Cardenas Roadside Assistance or in need of emergency services. Call 956-592-0952 (Brownsville/lower valley) or 956-571-7432 (Harlingen/upper valley).


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