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About Cardenas Superstore. Your Premier Used Car Dealer in Pharr, TX


Cardenas Superstore is your premier used car dealership in Pharr, TX. Cardenas Superstore was established in April 2010. It is a part of Cardenas Autogroup, which has been serving the Rio Grande Valley for over 45 years. Cardenas Autogroup consists of Cardenas Superstore in Pharr, TX, Cardenas BMW in Harlingen, TX, Cardenas Mazda in Harlingen, TX, Cardenas Mercedes-Benz in Harlingen, TX, Cardenas Motors in Brownsville, TX and Cardenas Ford in Raymondville, TX. Our affiliation with Cardenas Autogroup gives us the availability to over 400 quality used cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Cardenas Superstore is an entity of Cardenas Enterprises Incorporated. The owner/president is Rene Cardenas. Rene is a 2nd generation automotive dealer. As such, Rene grew up in the automotive industry and has managed every department of an automotive dealership (sales, service, parts, and body shop). Rene is a graduate of the General Motors Dealer Academy. As one of automotive's youngest dealers, Rene purchased the assets of Valley Magic Motors, Rio Oldsmobile-Cadillac and Cameron Motors in Harlingen, TX in 1992. With these acquired assets, he formed two separate companies operating today as Cardenas Enterprises Incorporated and Cardenas Autoplex Incorporated. These companies are located near the Harlingen Airport on Loop 499. He has represented some of Automotive's leading car manufacturers. His representations have included Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Mazda.


In 2010, Rene was excited to capture an opportunity to expand his used car operations into the community of Pharr, TX. Pharr is connected by bridge to the Mexican city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. It is part of the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission and Reynosa-McAllen metropolitan areas. The community was named after sugar planter Henry Newton Pharr. In 1900, Henry N. Pharr for a number of years was a director of the State National Bank of New Iberia, Louisiana, and was a former president of the Louisiana-Rio Grande Sugar Company and the Louisiana-Rio Grande Canal Company, which at one time owned eight thousand acres and which, in 1910, on this land built the town of Pharr. Pharr is basically a gateway for local and international business expansion in rapidly growing Hidalgo County. It is estimated that the population of Hidalgo County will double (currently 800k to 1.6m), by 2050.


Your Alternative New Car Dealer Focused on the Customer

At Cardenas Superstore we recognize that a new car loses 9% of its value one minute after your purchase it and 19% of its value in the first year. With the median cost of a car being $32,000, that would mean a $6,000 depreciation loss in the first year. Financially speaking, this large depreciation loss makes quality used cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles more attractive when offered at market adjusted prices. This removes the large depreciation loss and is better for the customer. You will find no gimmicks, tricks, or deceptive offers at Cardenas Superstore. We do not promise to pay off your trade even if you are 3,4 or $5,000 upside down only to stack that on your new loan extending your contract out to 72-84 months causing you ridiculous interest costs and the inability to trade within a reasonable time. No offer to buy your current vehicle at over market price with a genuine goal of selling you our car. You can expect a straight forward business deal focused on answering all your questions and concerns. We recognize that with higher median car acquisition costs, customers can take up to 3 months to make a buying decision. Come to Cardenas Superstore and make it an information day, even if you don't by today. Learn about our quality cars, our diversity of financial resources and great staff. We guarantee you a premier experience.


Building on a Legacy of Entrepreneurship


We believe that if you were to google "Dynamic Duo" under Wikipedia you would not find a crime fighting duo but rather our own entrepreneurial team of Mr. Renato E. and Mary Rose Cardenas. The accomplishments and contributions of this team in the valley is nothing short of amazing. Married in 1955, their chemistry, powerful work ethic and keen entrepreneurial insights has earned not only paramount business success but high community leadership recognition. Their generosity in the community has touched thousands. Mr. Cardenas began his automotive sales career by selling used cars at a Texaco Gas Station he owned on 3rd and Elizabeth Street in Brownsville in 1967. He was so successful at selling used cars that he opened a used car lot on 9th and Adams a year later and sold the gas station. In late 1970, General Motors was interested in recruiting successful minority business owners for new car franchises. By May 1971, he opened Cardenas Motors, in Brownsville, selling Buick, Opel, American Motors, and Jeep. The dealership quickly built a reputation for integrity through quality sales and service. Mrs. Cardenas became the company's comptroller that year. Her dedication and drive in the automotive industry would earn her distinguished recognition by industry experts throughout the following years. The dealership added GMC Trucks in 1973. Again, using keen insight, they visualized Brownsville's future growth and the stores retail growth and built a new dealership on North Expressway 77, which was at the end of town. As business grew, so did his manufacturer lines with the addition of Isuzu cars and trucks, Dodge car and trucks, and the GMC medium duty truck line. Mr. Cardenas also made significant land investments in Brownsville which launched another successful company for him "Cardenas Development". It is through this company that Renato and Mary Rose developed many residential subdivisions with the goal of assisting property ownership to those who would not necessarily qualify through traditional banks and lending institutions. It is estimated that seven thousand homeowners are attributed to Cardenas Development.  They have always been interested in helping the community progress. Cardenas helped start Valley Community Hospital, now Valley Regional Hospital. When the hospital sold to HCA, part of the proceeds was used to create the Brownsville Foundation for Health and Education. Cardenas was also a co-founder of Sunrise Bank which is now Wells Fargo. Mr. Cardenas also served on the city commission for six years in 1975. Unfortunately, we lost part of the dynamic duo on April 21, 2017 when Mr. Cardenas passed away. We will forever carry forward the legacy of business and community.






























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